DevOps and Data Security
Understanding the current status of attacks across the entire IT landscape of businesses and being able to rapidly identify and respond to real-time threat.

DevOps is an increasingly common approach to agile software development that developers and operations teams use to build, test, deploy and monitor applications with speed, quality and control.

DevOps is relevant to any kind of software project regardless of architecture, platform or purpose. Common use cases include: cloud-native and mobile applications, application integration, and modernization and multi-cloud management.

QuanTech offers a rich set of services across IBM’s DevOPs suite of software. These services constitute an integral part of the overall Digital Platform Services offered by QuanTech.


The evolution of IT infrastructures from central, on premises data centers to hybrid IT environments running both on premises and in multi-cloud environments increases the complexity of gathering and processing the relevant data. Our partnership with IBM Qradar, Guardium, Resilient, Identity, Access Management Solutions and Maas360, enables us to help you protect your business. Using the right security tools and platforms we manage to identify, orchestrate and automate your response to threats, while you focus on your business growth.

Protect data, applications and hybrid cloud data centers from breaches, fraud and threats using flexible data security solutions that will decrease IT risks and increase continuity and stability for your business operations.

Application Security

Preventing attacks using HCL AppScan caused by application coding vulnerabilities using Black Box and White Box application scanning.

Identity and access Security

Control information using IBM Identity and Security Access Manager about a user on a computer, from identity to their actions.

Financial Fraud Protection Security

Helps banks deliver seamless and secure customer experiences, using IBM Trusteer through multiple security layers to prevent cyber-crime.

Data Security

Protect data using IBM Guardium from destructive forces and from the unwanted actions of unauthorized users, discover and classify data sources based on GDPR requirements.

Endpoint protection Security

Protect computer networks using IBM MaaS360 with Watson from the vulnerabilities introduced by a user's bridged device.

Network Event and Flow Monitoring

Helps detect and prevent attacks using IBM QRadar and Qradar Incident Forensics through real rime network traffic analysis and investigation of suspected malicious network security incidents with pre attack vulnerability assessment.

Does your security team know where your sensitive data resides, who has access to it or the best way to protect it?

We assist you to choose the right tools and resources, that help you thrive in the face of cyber uncertainty. We help you take a smarter, more adaptive approach to protecting critical data wherever it resides.

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