Diebold Nixdorf
Headquartered in the Akron-Canton area with a presence in around 130 countries, DIEBOLD NIXDORF is an American multinational financial and retail technology company that specializes in the sale, manufacture, installation and service of self-service transaction systems (such as ATMs and currency processing systems), point-of-sale terminals, physical security products, and software and related services for global financial, retail, and commercial markets.
Diebold Nixdorf

DN Vynamic Software

With the development of new payment and transaction methods, the ATM is still the No. 1 access point for cash. Self-service software can be a linchpin in your branch transformation strategy, if you use it to unlock and implement real omnichannel connections.

Vista – ProCash – ProFlex 4

Empower new in-branch and self-service transactions directly through the core, while providing a more modern, unified experience across all channels

Transaction – Automation In – Branch Assist – Remote Assist – Teller Platform

Deepen Consumer Relationships: Vynamic Engagement creates seamless, personal connections that span digital and physical channels. Enable a more personalized experience, deepen brand awareness and implement segmentation, data capture, CRM integration and favorite transactions across your self-service network.
With end-to-end management and remote-resolution capability, Vynamic™ View delivers consistent, reliable operation across any size fleet, and not just ATMs.Availability Monitoring – Incident Reporting – Software Deployment – Log and Journal File Handling – Inventory Management Security Monitoring – Business Intelligence – Bios Management
Today we use modern apps for many functions, but most in-house cash management tools are based on Excel® spreadsheets.Vynamic Cash Management is proven software technology that can provide a minimum savings of 15% from your current cash costs. Basis – Planner – Synchro – LiveInventories – Transport – Tracking – CASH EDI – Cashcenter

“Vynamic™ Security
Lost data and information breaches result in much more than financial loss — it’s the loss of consumer trust that can hurt the most. Engage with a partner that has the multi-layered approach necessary to protect your ATM fleets from physical, logical and fraud attacks.”

Intrusion Protection – Access Protection – Hard Disk Encryption – Fraud Detection

Digital delivers a unified, highly personalized experience across your digital ecosystem to improve consumer satisfaction, accelerate new feature adoption and lower the total cost of ownership.

Vynamic Digital Cardless Cash Micro-App – Vynamic Digital Apps

“Vynamic™ Payments
Modernize your payments platform—at a fraction of the cost and without the risk.
FIs are looking to provide new payments type, drive debit volume, and compete with fintech disruptors.”

Terminal Driving – Transaction – Switching

DN Series provides the ability to grow with your organization’s strategy and deliver the most integrated functionality in the smallest, most secure footprint. Lobby ATM Solutions – Through-the-Wall (TTW) ATM Solutions – Drive-Up ATM Solutions
Our CS Series has everything you need to drive your organization securely into the digital era, connect more deeply with your consumers and deliver the omnichannel experience they expect. Cash Dispensers – Cash Recycler – Intelligent Deposit – Teller Automation – Kiosks

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