IBM Storage – A trusted foundation for a multicloud world

IBM Storage – A trusted foundation for a multicloud world


In a world driven by data, discover storage and management innovations for deploying multicloud storage that protects, secures and efficiently moves data among public, private and hybrid clouds. Accelerate business with storage solutions designed to help reduce costs and gain unlimited storage capacity with minimal capital investment.

IBM FlashSystem with IBM Spectrum Virtualize delivers a single client experience making storage simple from entry level all the way to the Cloud.


Combined, enhanced and simplified.
The FlashSystem family.

IBM FlashSystem helps you simplify your Hybrid Multicloud. With a unified set of software, tools and API you’re able to offer hybrid and all-flash storage arrays that address the entire range of storage needs, all from one data platform that extends enterprise functionality across your customers storage estate.


IBM FlashSystem 5000
Enterprise entry-level hybrid flash storage solutions designed to provide enterprise-grade functionalities without compromising affordability or performance.

IBM FlashSystem 5100
A family of affordable, enterprise-grade flash storage solutions including an end-to-end NVMe model. New offerings are designed for enterprise midrange storage requirements with increased functionality and performance.

IBM FlashSystem 7200
Cost-optimized, end-to-end NVMe, plus SCM support for flash acceleration with optional flash expansions. Enterprise-class features include extensive AI-based storage resource management, predictive analytics, and automated data placement.

IBM FlashSystem 9200
Gain the performance of all-flash and NVMe with SCM support for flash acceleration and the reliability and innovation of IBM FlashCore technology, plus the rich features of IBM Spectrum Virtualize — In either a powerful 2U or a full rack configuration.

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